Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 Team 2 Nature's Fury Project

Being prepared for an earthquake is essential to survival. With the right knowledge and preparation skills, you will have less chance of:
  • dying
  • getting hurt or injured
  • being unable to communicate with the outside world 
The following video is designed to teach you what to do when preparing and reacting to an earthquake.
Essential info

When preparing for an earthquake, you should create an emergency supply kit. Some items that would belong in this kit include the following:
  • a radio
  • a phone, or other way of contact
  • a flashlight
  • spare batteries
  • no unnecessary materials. Don't bring any items that will only waste space and effort. Examples of such items would include video games, books, pencils, etc.
  • nonperishable food and water

In the event of an earthquake, it is important to know how to react properly. During an earthquake, you should follow the following actions:
  • get under a table or other solid, safe item
  • grab and hold on tightly onto something secure
  • stay calm and remember not to panic 
  • avoid any potentially hazardous items, such as glass
After an earthquake,  it may seem safe, but there are still ways in which you could be harmed. To avoid injury you should:
  • not take the elevator. In the case of an aftershock, the elevator would malfunction, leaving you trapped without supplies or help. 
  • avoid any items that may be dangerous. Due to the damage caused by the earthquake, many items such as poles, trees, and shelves may have grown loose, and are now potentially dangerous, running the risk of collapsing. It is best to avoid them.

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