Friday, September 30, 2011

MegaOHMS Budget - 2011

To parents: regarding participation fee, below is copy of the club's 2011 budget.

MegaOHMS - FLL Teams 5609 and 5610 as of 9.30.11

Purchased already by coaches:
New chargers: $ 65.00
FLL Team Registration*: $ 450.00
Field Kits*: $ 130.00
Shipping*: $ 40.60
New Robotics Kit**: $ 400.00

* - note, costs are for two teams
** - estimated

Costs to be incurred:
Tournament Registration*: $ 150.00
Tee Shirts: $ 350.00
Misc. Materials $ 100.00


MegaOHMS Robotics Club Participation Fee

Hello Parents of MegaOHMS !!
Subject: Oak Hill Robotics Club Participation Fee

We hope your children are excited about this season of the Robotics Club. The kids are already working hard to do their best in the club's First Lego League (FLL) tournament season. Our first major tournament will be November 19, at Newton North High School.The robotics club was started last spring, with about 20 kids, two parent volunteers, and donated equipment. This year the club is taking off, with nearly 40 kids. We are very fortunate to have five parent volunteers and Mr. Bunting and Ms. Sullivan advising, along with the support and encouragement of Ms. Thompson and the PTO.

However, with our FLL participation fees, increased need for equipment, and tournament expenses, we need to start charging a participation fee of $30 for each family. This is in addition to the EEE fee, which the school district charges all club members for the use of school facilities and staff.MegaOHMS will remain an all volunteer club. The coaches and teachers are devoting many hours to ensure the best possible experience for the students, and we want to accommodate all students who want to participate. If the participation fee presents a problem for your family, please talk to us or Ms. Thompson directly.

Please send a check for $30 made out to "Oak Hill PTO" with the word "Robotics" in the memo line. These checks can be sent in with the kids and the coaches will collect and process them, or can be dropped off at the main office (attention: PTO).Thanks very much for your assistance as the club continues to grow!

P.S. If you'd like more information about the club, including our annual budget (newly revised to accommodate our increased membership!), please see our website at
P.P.S. We are also seeking donations of Lego Mindstorms parts. If you know of families who may be "aging out" of their Lego equipment, please mention our need. We particularly need the newer type of Lego, called Mindstorms, with the smooth rounded parts instead of the traditional square Lego bricks.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Welcome MegaOHMS 2011

MegaOHMS is the FIRST LEGO League robotics club at Oak Hill Middle School.
The mission of the club is to allow all interested students to learn basic robotics by building and programming LEGO robots – including participation in local competitions in the Fall season; to get exposed to other problem solving skills by working on a research project; to learn and practice teamwork; to meet new friends; to make mistakes and learn from them - all in a relaxed atmosphere.
The club is registered in the FLL, working on the league-defined “Food Factor Challenge”. We will build robots to complete “missions” and we will work on a research project around Food Safety. We will participate in tournaments in the late fall. The FLL judges teams based on robot performance, technical judgment, teamwork, and presentation of a research project. It is our intent that the team be focused less on winning a competition and more on participation and a fun experience for the kids.

The students will work in teams of 4 – 8 kids. Each team meeting will include building and programming robots as well as working on the research project. The kids develop teamwork and social skills. They will also be presenting the robots and the research project at competititons.

The team will meet as a EEE Club, on Monday afternoons from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. in Mr. Bunting’s class, room 152.

The team will be led by Mr. Bunting and Ms. Sullivan. Parent coaches include Joe Allegro, Ken Sinclair, Debora Compton, and Paul Barbone. Additional adult assistance is welcome and encouraged. We can all be contacted through, or call Joe directly.

2011 Season - Food Factor!