Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 Team 2 Nature's Fury Project

Being prepared for an earthquake is essential to survival. With the right knowledge and preparation skills, you will have less chance of:
  • dying
  • getting hurt or injured
  • being unable to communicate with the outside world 
The following video is designed to teach you what to do when preparing and reacting to an earthquake.
Essential info

When preparing for an earthquake, you should create an emergency supply kit. Some items that would belong in this kit include the following:
  • a radio
  • a phone, or other way of contact
  • a flashlight
  • spare batteries
  • no unnecessary materials. Don't bring any items that will only waste space and effort. Examples of such items would include video games, books, pencils, etc.
  • nonperishable food and water

In the event of an earthquake, it is important to know how to react properly. During an earthquake, you should follow the following actions:
  • get under a table or other solid, safe item
  • grab and hold on tightly onto something secure
  • stay calm and remember not to panic 
  • avoid any potentially hazardous items, such as glass
After an earthquake,  it may seem safe, but there are still ways in which you could be harmed. To avoid injury you should:
  • not take the elevator. In the case of an aftershock, the elevator would malfunction, leaving you trapped without supplies or help. 
  • avoid any items that may be dangerous. Due to the damage caused by the earthquake, many items such as poles, trees, and shelves may have grown loose, and are now potentially dangerous, running the risk of collapsing. It is best to avoid them.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Senior Solutions Robot Game

KEEP IN MIND: You LOVE a senior. You will BE a senior. The Senior SolutionsSM challenge is about concepts that affect everyone, directly and indirectly, both now and later. Seniors need and want the same things they did when they were young – the same things YOU want. They want to be:

  • INDEPENDENT – to do what they want, when they want, the way they want (no matter where they live)
  • ENGAGED – to feel needed, and productive, and to have fun
  • CONNECTED – to have meaningful relationships with family and friends

Seniors have wisdom and perspective, from a full lifetime of experience. The problem is that the older we get, the more difficult life gets. We lose strength, speed, flexibility, and memory. Our hearing, eye sight, and other senses are diminished. It’s harder to get around. Health problems creep in. Loved ones pass away. New technologies are unfamiliar to us…

In the Senior Solutions robot game, you and your robot will manage a mix of challenges and activities related to being independent, engaged, or connected. None of them really has to do with being “old,” but a few of them have a harder version and an easier version. As you notice how much harder the hard versions are, and design your robot to master them, imagine what innovative technical designs and improvements you could make in real life that would make life easier for seniors – for your loved ones, and for your future self!

FRIENDLY WARNING: While it’s obvious that everyone needs to become an expert on the details of the Missions below, it’s also EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for everyone, vets as well as rookies, to read the OTHER THREE CRITICAL ROBOT GAME PAGES: Field Setup + Rules + Updates and go back to them repeatedly. Look at the benefits…

— have fewer questions
— have less rework
— have fewer surprises at tournaments
— score higher
— have more fun

— operate in a fog
— start over and lose time
— learn a lot from… referees
— lose points
— get stressed

Complete Challenge document (robot game on pages 6 through 25)
Robot Game video

FLL 2012 Senior Solutions Challenge

FLL 2012 Senior Solutions release video
FLL 2012 Senior Solutions Challenge official page

Curiosity has Landed

Where Were You When Curiosity Landed on Mars?

Curiosity - What It's Like to Land on Mars
This video combines a computer simulation of the spacecraft descent and landing, with photographs from the "Mars Descent Imager", a downward-facing camera used to guide Curiosity to her landing site in Gale Crater.

Curiosity - Rover Report Aug 17
Instrument checkout

Curiosity - Rover Report Aug 24
Flex, Zap, Roll

Curiosity - Rover Report Aug 31
Messages from Mars

Friday, September 30, 2011

MegaOHMS Budget - 2011

To parents: regarding participation fee, below is copy of the club's 2011 budget.

MegaOHMS - FLL Teams 5609 and 5610 as of 9.30.11

Purchased already by coaches:
New chargers: $ 65.00
FLL Team Registration*: $ 450.00
Field Kits*: $ 130.00
Shipping*: $ 40.60
New Robotics Kit**: $ 400.00

* - note, costs are for two teams
** - estimated

Costs to be incurred:
Tournament Registration*: $ 150.00
Tee Shirts: $ 350.00
Misc. Materials $ 100.00